Accelerate incident resolution and boost user satisfaction

Why ?
At the heart of digital transformation, your IT is undergoing a significant revolution, redefining the rules of the game and altering your employees' professional practices.
This upheaval has a considerable impact on your support teams. Identifying causes and quickly resolving incidents now prove to be longer, more complex, and more costly.
By integrating easyOptima into your Workplace, it assesses the performance of your IT system from the users' perspective. It provides your teams with all the necessary information to detect and analyze anomalies, thereby ensuring a high level of user satisfaction.
Unique technology

A quick and unambiguous understanding

easyOptima revolutionizes the way of capturing user experience by correlating user journeys with technical metrics.
easyOptima detects encountered issues, analyzes the collected elements, and provides the precise cause.
Beyond providing an ultra-precise view of the user, easyOptima also offers an overarching perspective to meet your needs for monitoring, incident management, and trend analysis.
Everyone uses easyOptima

A decisive impact on the entire value chain...

He receives tickets containing all the information, accompanied by a pre-analysis, which facilitates processing.
Expert Workplace
He has access to over 250 kpi to understand the causes of user frustration and improve their experience.
Application Engineer
He has all the necessary elements to resolve the issue more quickly without needing to recall the user.
Incident Manager
He receives alerts of suspected incidents without false positives and notifies affected users in just a few clicks.
Service Manager
He visualizes the quality of service delivered through the prism of user experience, to evaluate it and improve it.
In 5 clicks, he creates tickets with all contextualized diagnostic elements and receives real-time alerts in case of incidents.

In detail

User Ticket Resolution
Game-changing captures
When the user creates a ticket, easyOptima automatically enriches it with the precise context of the problem and faithfully reproduces the user experience through an intuitive interface, as if you were guiding the user step by step.
  • User Information
  • Application Used
  • Business Context
  • Symptom and Impact
  • User Perception
  • User Journey with Screenshots
  • Correlated Technical Measures
  • Pre-analysis of Root Cause
Real-time diagnostics
Nothing Escapes You

easyOptima collects real-time data from 250 metrics and logs on workstations and applications.

Combined with the 118 analysis dimensions, you have all the necessary elements to detect anomalies or slowness and easily identify their root causes.

  • 154 metrics on Workplace
  • 80 metrics on office tools and desktop applications
  • 44 metrics on internal web applications and SAAS
  • 53 metrics on network connections
  • 9 metrics on network services
  • 118 dimensions
  • Clear and easy-to-understand dashboards
Suspicion of incident and alert
Moins de frustration, plus de productivité

easyOptima's machine learning system can detect suspicions of major incidents affecting your users' business activity in less than 10 minutes.

You also have the option to configure easyOptima to automatically inform the relevant users via Push Notification on their workstation or mobile. This allows them to organize their work and reduce their level of frustration.

  • User Ticket Analysis
  • Velocity of Workplaces and Business Applications
  • Endpoint Network Latency
  • Collaborative Tools Stability
  • Business Applications Performance
Proactive Trend Analysis
Clear Vision, Targeted Optimization

With its scoring system, easyOptima provides you with a clear vision of the evolution of the service quality delivered to each user.

You can easily identify factors to optimize in order to boost user satisfaction and the efficiency of your information system.

  • Workplace Startup
  • Authentication Duration
  • Workplace Velocity
  • Application Launch Time
  • Web Application Performance
  • Business Transaction Responsiveness
  • Business Transaction Latency
  • Wifi / VPN Access Point Quality
  • Workplace and Application Reliability
Shift to Left
Unlock Your Operational Capacity

easyOptima offers an intuitive and highly efficient digital assistant that saves time for your users and IT teams.

With its diagnostic tree and simplified automation system based on PowerShell, easyOptima Assistant can effectively help your users find solutions before reaching out to support.

  • Digital Assistant accessible in one click
  • Modern UX for an optimal user experience
  • Personalized service based on user profile
  • Real-time alert on incidents concerning them
  • Proactive IT information
  • Contextualized Self-Help, without frustration
  • One-click activatable automated troubleshooting
  • Ticket creation with context in 5 clicks

Measured in real conditions

45 %
of avoided solicitations
74 %
Reduction in Resolution Time
96 %
of satisfied users
Plug and Play Integration
easyOptima seamlessly installs on any Windows platform, whether physical or virtual, and directly connects to the leading ITSM solutions on the market. Compliant with security standards and GDPR, it meets the strict requirements of enterprises, making its integration effortless.
With easyOptima, we are able to identify the origin of our users' irritants much more easily and to locate areas for improvement more easily.
Cyril Thenon
IT Performance Manager
It is estimated that 50% less time is spent resolving or finding out the reason for the incident. Business users really appreciated the 5-click declaration.
Dominique MEUNIER
Service Manager
The L2 and L3 support teams see their work made easier. They resolve incidents more quickly and provide better quality of service to users.
Nicolas Rigaud
IT Manager
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